Abbie Williams

Mental health charity founder, inspired by lived experience

1 of 5 Australian representatives in the 2022 Emerging Leaders Program for social entrepreneurs.

Through Letters of Hope, you can show people in their darkest hours that there is good in the world. And it all starts with a simple letter.

Abbie suffers from Anxiety and Depression, and has done so since her teens. When things were at their worst, Abbie didn’t know if that dark feeling would ever really pass.

After growing up in Leeds in the United Kingdom, Abbie moved to Australia in 2017. Living on the other side of the world, Abbie’s grandparents naturally became her pen pals. She would anticipate receiving another letter in the mail and the rush of happiness that came when she received one after a tough day was amazing. It was then that Abbie decided she wanted to use the empathy and passion that she gained through her own mental health journey to do something positive for other people, and give them that same feeling, so she founded Letters of Hope.

As a mental health charity who send handwritten letters to those going through a tough time with their mental health, all speaking engagements will allow Letters of Hope to send more letters around the world and ultimately connect people to the support that they need for their mental health. Letters of Hope have sent 1,600 letters worldwide so far.

Abbie has a warm and empathetic facilitation style, drawing on her lived experience and own mental health journey to engage with her audience in a way that is relatable and compassionate. She has a background in workplace mental health and wellbeing and is a Licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Abbie was 1 of 5 Australian delegates selected for the 2022 A2ELP Emerging Leaders Program for Social Entrepreneurs. Abbie has featured across a range of media including 7News, ABC News, the Courier Mail, HRD Magazine, the Gold Coast Bulletin and more.

Abbie talks about her lived experience of mental health and has a suite of topics related to mental health, wellbeing and inclusion. She is able to adapt content in line with what you are looking to achieve.

By booking a speaking engagement with Abbie Williams today, you will inspire your audience whilst allowing Letters of Hope to focus on helping the mental health of our current and future generations by creating kinder communities everywhere.


“I can't recommend Abbie highly enough if you are looking for speaking engagements. She has made an incredible positive impact on our organisation. Abbie engages with people on a very genuine level and presents tools and resources in a down-to-earth style which resonates with those from all walks of life.”

"Immediately Abbie’s bio caught my eye as someone who could genuinely talk to this subject in a personable way vs traditional corporate speak. Abbie’s real life experiences and her great presentation meant this time was very well spent for us. We also really enjoyed hearing about Abbie’s charity and this was inspirational to us. Abbie also gave us some takeaway tools to use which was amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending Abbie to others particularly as she has such a breadth of knowledge on the topic and is only too happy to share this.”

“The honesty and rawness of the topic really allowed me to connect to the words and experiences shared. It did not matter that the attendees at my conference were of varied ages or had different backgrounds or skillsets - Abbie was able to connect with each and every one present.”

“There was not one dry eye in the room, and no one cared. Abbie shared with us her personal journey and showed us that just a small act of kindness can have a massive impact on someone’s life”

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