Simone E. Morris

Dynamic, engaging & inspirational speaker making diversity, equity & inclusion topics easy to understand so audience feels motivated for action

Simone Morris is not just a seasoned professional speaker but a true trailblazer in fostering inclusivity in the workplace. She's written over 80 articles on inclusive leadership in her column on Simone is passionate about inclusive leadership and created the Inclusive Leadership Impact Awards to highlight those making a difference in creating more inclusive spaces. She's uniquely positioned to champion the cause of genuinely inclusive workplaces.

Here's a glimpse of what clients have said about Simone's speaking engagements:

**Becton Dickinson IWD 2023**:
"Thank you for an AMAZING job, our audience was engaged and pumped up. Your easy, relatable style and connecting it with real-life stories made it easy for our associates to understand your message. We had approximately 1500 participants online who stayed for the full 90 minutes, along with multiple watch parties at different sites. Thank you. You have been an INCREDIBLE partner. We look forward to future collaborations!"

**Heineken North America**:
"Simone Morris conducted a Power of Owning Your Career workshop with our ERGs. By far, it was the best career workshop we've ever had at our organization. Simone was engaging, candid, super knowledgeable, and made the attendees feel relaxed throughout the discussion. She has a real passion for what she does, and it shines through in her workshops. After the session, we received positive notes from several attendees, and we're excited to engage Simone for future workshops."

Below are compelling reasons why Simone Morris is the ideal choice to support engagement, and inclusion in the workplace.

**Expertise in Diversity and Inclusion**: Simone is a thought leader in the field of diversity and inclusion. Her profound knowledge and extensive experience in this area make her an invaluable resource for affinity groups aiming to promote inclusivity and equality within their organizations.

**Inclusive Leadership**: With her profound understanding of inclusive leadership, Simone has the ability to guide leaders on how to create a welcoming and empowering environment for employees from all backgrounds. She recognizes that diversity is the driving force behind innovation and success.

**Career Advancement**: Simone's unwavering dedication to empowering talent to take control of their careers aligns seamlessly with the objectives of talent teams. Her insights can help leaders advance in their careers while also contributing to their organization's broader goals.

**Engaging and Relatable**: Simone's engaging and candid speaking style, as highlighted in client feedback, puts audiences at ease. She connects with her listeners on a personal level, making it easier for them to absorb and apply her invaluable advice.

**Safe Space for Dialogue**: Simone's exceptional facilitation skills create a safe space for open and authentic conversations. This environment encourages ERG members to discuss their challenges and opportunities openly, fostering a culture of transparency and mutual support.

**Collaborative Approach**: Simone's unwavering dedication to working closely with event planners ensures that her presentations and workshops align seamlessly with the goals and objectives of meeting planners. Her collaborative approach leads to effective, tailored programming that leaves a lasting impact.

**Proven Track Record**: The positive feedback and testimonials from clients speak volumes about Simone's ability to deliver exceptional value to her audiences. Her passion and commitment to what she does shine through in her work.

Simone has a unique gift for inspiring her audiences, and her commitment extends beyond the stage. She collaborates closely with event planners to ensure that every speaking engagement is collaborative, attention to details that make event planners look great, and exceptional delivery leaving the audience with valuable takeaways. Her impact is not just inspiring; it's transformative.

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