Dan Roth

DEI Program Manager focused on Pay Equity, Inclusion & removing the sticky floor & glass ceiling

Dan Roth is an award winning, globally recognized DEI Program Manager, Recruiter and Professional speaker.

With an overarching focus on creating inclusive hiring practices, furthering education and mentorship programs, Dan has established himself as a top expert in the field.

Dan's IWD discussion will delve into the state of DEI and specifically women's rights in the global workforce.  

Additional talking points include:
-Why we are in this position
-Things to consider when applying for jobs or asking for promotions
-Identifying your market value
-How to deal with maternity bias and/or coming back to work after an extended leave
-Using transferable skills to your advantage
-Maintaining your mental health

As a proud father of twin girls, Dan has a very personal stake in ensuring that barriers of entry are broken.

Bringing Dan in to speak at your event means you are getting someone who lives and breaths DEI and that is what comes across every time he speaks.

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