Adya Kumar

A tech enthusiast with a personal mission to create awareness of the power of digitalization to improve diversity

Adya Kumar is a Germany-based strategy leader with a passion for solving problems through the use of technology. Through her experiences working in the tech and logistics industries, she has observed how digitalization has created numerous opportunities for diverse groups of people.

Adya sees digitalization and technology as a strong enabler to grow and sustain diversity in businesses. On the other hand, she also sees that more diversity is needed in the digital and tech space to foster innovation.

To explore the cross-roads of how digitalization and diversity impact each other, in 2021, she founded ‘The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast’, a show with the goal to amplify diverse voices and open the dialogue on socio-economic topics that are not so openly spoken about.

In her day job, Adya works as a senior management consulting professional for a leading German logistics company.

She has extensive leadership experience and expertise in digital transformation, IT, and innovation management.

Adya has a techno-managerial background. She is an electronics engineer and holds a Master's degree in Business Management (Grande Ecole) from HEC Paris.

She believes in pursuing multiple interests that can change with time. Currently, Adya is interested in travel, blogging and public speaking.

After living and working in India, France, USA and UK, today she calls Bonn (Germany) her home of choice.

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