Barbara Frankson

Empowering & inspiring women on walking in their full potential, purpose, & worth & facilitating crucial conversations on Racism

Barbara Frankson migrated to the United States from Jamaica in 1971. Barbara is the Founder/ CEO of Second Chances Transformation, a company that specializes in encouraging, and inspiring women in knowing their value, purpose, and using their voice to the fullest extent.  

Barbara is also a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Team. When Barbara speaks into a room she uses her stories from what she calls the 3 parts of her life Survival, Success and Significance accompanied with her 3 p's Pain, Passion, Purpose to inspire her audience to take action.

She is a master of inspiring them in wanting more, being more, and truly understanding their purpose, and using their gifts to create the life they thought was not possible.

Her authenticity in revealing her life lessons and sharing herself with her audiences is transformational. She also uses her life journey from dirt floors, homelessness to living in a gated community, and owning multiple properties.

The process of walking through the storms of life has taught her not only how to navigate but to look back and help others; especially youth and women.

Her mission is to assist others in going through the process of transforming their lives from the inside out. In doing so they have a dominoes effect on the people they come into contact with and the world as a whole.

The audience is left to examine themselves to start the transformational process, challenged, and motivated to take action, and to find opportunities in areas they once saw obstacles, and to embrace the uncomfortable because she believes it's in our uncomfortable places that we grow the most.

Barbara also is multicultural and stands in the gap of facilitating and having the difficult, and crucial conversations pertaining to equality, injustice, and a sense of belonging.

Barbara speaks on the following topics:
• Leadership-How to effectively influence those you lead
• Diversity Equity & Inclusion/A Sense of Belonging-How to build Bridges and Stand in the Gap of Racism        
• Bullying-Reclaiming your voice
• Empowerment-Self Leadership/Self Talk/Self Care/Self Love
• Purpose-Turning your pain into a passion for your purpose

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