Katy Brown

Less stress, more time for joy: Practical, simple tools to reduce the ‘busyness’ of your mind & schedule

I inspire people to re-think how they can easily incorporate their wellbeing and energy management into the everyday so that they can thrive across all aspects of their busy lives.

My passions are helping people to prevent stress, creating more presence and focusing on doing more of what truly feels good.

I have appeared on the radio and podcasts and as a guest speaker for clients including Kelloggs and ClearScore.

Katy’s Keynote: Less stress, more time for joy

• Practical, simple tools to reduce the ‘busyness’ of your mind and schedule:
• Creating sustainable lifestyle change
• Reconnecting to what truly brings you joy at this chapter of life
• How to bring more fun and joy into your days

Katy also speaks on:
• How taking your wellbeing and self care more seriously can transform your life
• How to become less distracted and more ‘in the moment’ (it’s possible)
• How to curb your tech addiction, in 3 simple steps that work
• Why vulnerability is essential for flourishing relationships, and how to do it!
• The power of female friendship and why you need more of it
• How to work out what FUN looks like to you at this chapter of life
• What is life coaching anyway…. and how would it help me?

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