Wendy Dean

Founder & visionary of the Strategi Solutions Group & culture change guru

Self limiting beliefs can start at an early age.  

Wendy's experience of working in the Logistics sector in the 90's brought back the self limiting beliefs from age 7.  

In her speech, Wendy talks about how she overcame them to eventually set up her own business, sit on the board of a billion dollar company and use her story to motivate and coach other women to do the same.

Wendy is not just the boss, she is the founder and visionary of the Strategi Solutions Group and also our friend.

A culture change guru, Wendy passionately believes that successful businesses put their people at the heart of their business strategy and demonstrates this through her management of the team.

With a life motto of ‘work hard, play hard’, Wendy ensures that we are always striving for the best but enjoying the journey too. She lives by this rule, and outside of work you’re most likely to find her in her motorhome travelling the country or with Albert, her lovely Patterdale Terrier.

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