Christina Farinacci-Roberts

Specialises in holistic & human-centered leadership with a mission to create a more just, equitable & flourishing world

Christina Farinacci-Roberts is the founder and Chief Catalyst Officer of Head Heart Hands Consulting, an education & equity consulting company that works with revolutionary thought leaders and pioneering organizations who want to evoke an evolution, mint a movement and lead a legacy.

She provides holistic and human centered S.O.U.L.utions to executives, educators and entrepreneurs that equip them to weave their personal essence with their professional excellence to achieve greater freedom, fulfillment and flow.

As a cofounder of W.I.D.E. Dynamic Dialogues, Christina supports organizations to integrate and operationalize Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity to promote greater and individual flourishing by connecting their W.I.D.E. initiatives to organizational goals and strategic priorities.

As the proud daughter of a Korean immigrant Tiger Mom and an Italian American veteran dad and as a first generation college graduate, Christina pursued her career as an educator with the desire to ensure her students’ zip codes wouldn’t determine their destinies in the ways her mother’s had. She eventually became one of the youngest high school principals in the NYCDOE and the turnaround principal/CEO for the first all girls charter high school in NYS. A decade later she went on to start her award winning education & equity consulting company and has worked with a variety of industries spanning from education to healthcare, tech startups to financial services, nonprofits in health and human services and beyond.  

Forward thinking organizations seeking to drive innovation while centering workforce well-being bring Christina in to provide keynotes, trainings and workshops that will Enlighten the Head, Engage the Heart and Empower the Hands because they want to transform the ways their people think, relate and operate. Below are some standard keynotes for consideration:

Whole S.O.U.L. Leadership: Human- Centered Practices To Thrive & Inspire
This keynote describes what Whole S.O.U.L. Leadership is and explains the benefits of this holistic and human-centered approach to leadership while also providing practical ways to integrate its methodology into personal and professional practice.

Discover Your Ikigai: Walking Boldly In Your Purpose
This keynote highlights the Japanese concept of Ikigai (translated as "reason to live") and considers the four guiding questions of "What do you love? What are you good at? What does the world need? What can you be paid for?" in order to achieve  harmony and fulfillment in the personal and professional.

Pause & Prosper: The Power of R.E.S.T.
This keynote emphasizes the paradox of  intentionally slowing down in order to better position ourselves to speed up progress and underscores the return on investment when we prioritize our own wellness and wellbeing in a way that propels us into our greatness

Breakthrough to Becoming: Achieving Greater Freedom, Fulfillment and Flow
This keynote supports senior leaders to marry their personal essence with their professional excellence in a way that enables purpose to fuel performance and accelerate success.

Refining Your Mission, Vision & Purpose To Accelerate Personal Growth and Professional Advancement
This keynote supports leaders to craft a personal mission, vision and purpose that informs and improves  how they  show up in the workplace and beyond to spark their innovation, strengthen their influence, and increase their impact.

How to Kintsugi Your Life: Transforming the Brokenness of Life into Beauty & Bravery
This keynote supports individuals to recognize how  every human experience- even the trials and tribulations- can provide an opportunity for redemption, restoration or renewal and offer a method on using past perseverance  to fuel  overcoming obstacles in the present.

Christina can also customize talks for any organization’s needs, and she will leave her audience feeling inspired with actionable S.O.U.L.utions they can embody.

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