Sam Palmer

Menopause Fitness & Lifestyle speaker, inspiring women to use movement in menopause

Sam is the CEO of Midlife Makeover - an online platform that supports women as they transition from perimenopause, to menopause and beyond.

Originally trained as a nurse in London, Sam is also a qualified teacher and ran her own First Aid Training company for 15 years, regularly speaking to large groups of people and endeavouring to make a dry subject, more interesting!

Bu Sam's biggest passion has always been helping women find joy in movement and exercise - but at a level that is right for them.

In 2014 she won the UK Athletics Coach of the Year award for recreational running and has since won many other awards for her work.

For the last 9 years Sam has worked specifically within the menopause space. Having a medical background enables her to offer menopause education that is research backed but empowers her listeners to take action immediately.

Talks include:

Menopause Myths.
Menopause or Peri-Menopause – what is the difference, how do you know where you are in your journey, and does it matter? From Brain Fog to Weight Gain, Anxiety to Hot flushes, this humorous talk will answer many menopause questions and give you sensible actionable advice you can start immediately.

Movement in Menopause.
Why women over 50 should be encouraged to move more. Discover the 6 essential ingredients for midlife exercise in this entertaining and insightful talk.

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