Chaiti Banerjee

STEM professional, Immigrant, World-Citizen, UN-USA-member

Chaiti Banerjee is living in South Brunswick, NJ with her husband and two children, aged 9 years and 11 years of age.

A busy mom, wife and professional, Chaiti came to the US in 2005 to pursue a MS in Electronics and Computer Technology at Indiana State University, just after obtaining her bachelor degree in India.

She came from a small-town and middle class background and landed the American dream! Fast forward, she married her longtime-friend, was blessed with two kids and then in 2014 she decided to move Canada.

Chaiti moved back to the US last year with her family. She is now a Canadian Citizen and US resident and her life is enriched with the experience and exposure of three countries – India, USA and Canada.

She works in technology leading, managing people and processes and is currently working on security, Devops, and the cloud.

Chaiti enjoys volunteering and has recently joined UN-USA. She likes to advocate for women-empowerment/freedom/financial-independence; quality-education, climate-action and peace. She promotes STEM to youth, especially girls.

In her spare time (which is not easy to get) she loves to write. She created one site/volunteering-initiative to promote inner happiness, cultivate her own passion and attain a higher purpose of life.

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