Lynne Copp

Author, Exec Coach, Women in Leadership Speaker

Lynne Copp is Founder of The Worklife Company (1998), an award-winning writer and speaker, Executive Coach, Leadership and Organisational development.

Public Speaking Topics - 3 main presentations for women audiences (not gender exclusive).

1. 'My Brand! My Career! My Way!' - delivered globally to corporate and public environments. It is the result of a ten-year global study to define the authentic feminine leadership approach to leading one’s own personal brand and career. This highly motivational presentation is crammed with ideas, insights, tools and giveaways that will provide the practice for a brand and career built by you, for you.

2. '3rd3rd - It's my Turn!' For some, this phase is about winding down, retiring and enjoying the simpler pleasures that life has to offer. However, for an increasing number of women, the opposite is true. Their families have grown and become less dependent, the job that provided the ware-with-all to pay the bills may no longer be motivating, nor even exist.

Then there is a pension fund that may not be enough to serve one decade, never mind the next three. Menopause is now in the safe hands of Davina McColl and their own HRT, and so there is a new drumbeat within, one that reverberates its rhythmic calling: “It’s my turn!”.

During lockdown and since, an ever-growing number of new organisations, have been founded by 3rd3rd women. Corporate Organisations too, are seeking inspiring ways to retain or engage this energised, smart, mature, and determined pool of talent.

3. 'Dancing Round the Handbags' - Lynne published award-winning book: Dancing Round the Handbags®, which is a coaching resource to support women to achieve their potential whilst balancing work and life. 'Dance Your Best Life!' is the keynote presentation that she delivers to accompany the success of the book. The Dance is a metaphor for what you do each day; dance to the tunes of others. The multiple roles of mother, wife, boss, friend, daughter, colleague etc. means that you are so busy dancing to the tunes of others that you have little time to dance to your own dreams, aspirations and potential: your own music.

The Handbag in this book is a metaphor for you. For example, The Mirror chapter explores your image; how you see yourself, The Lipstick chapter explores how you mask stress (‘put on a brave face’). By reviewing your dances and de-cluttering your handbag, you will return to the dance floor of life, to dance to your own music.

Lynne is inspiring, funny, professional, and very much in touch with the world of leadership and growth for women. Full version synopsis of 'My Brand, My Career, My Way!' , '3rd 3rd' and 'Dancing Round the Handbags' are available on request from

Lynne has worked with companies like EY, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, NHS, City Councils, Research Agencies, the Police and Armed Forces.

She is retained as an Executive Coach and advisor for many organisations, and works with Boards and Senior Leaders to create transformational change in leadership environments and culture. Lynne has been a NED for two NHS organisations and continues to develop her Board advisory expertise with Savvitas. She is dedicated to improving outcomes for women in leadership and her expertise continues to be the topic of research studies.

She is Fellow of ILM, Chartered Fellow of CIPD, Professional Coach Member of ICF, ANLP & AC, and a member of Savvitas.
Her values: Honesty, Hope, Honour and Harmony.

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