Stacey Sargent

Leadership & team development expert, author, and experienced speaker

For almost two decades, as the CEO of Connect Growth and Development, Stacey Sargent has worked with thousands of leaders and their teams. Based on her experiences, education in behavioral science, and the latest research in leadership effectiveness, neuroscience, psychology, it comes down to this –

The inner work fuels all outer results.

Everything a leader does, all their results and achievements- come from the people they lead and work with. To have amazing success, more meaningful work, and life, and enjoy trusted relationships - knowing yourself is key.

The way you think and feel drives everything you do: your behaviors, your decisions, your impact, and the quality of every relationship you have – and therefore impacts business results. This is where it has to start, with you, with your inner work, you are the common denominator of all of it and only you have what’s inside to be that best version of yourself in life and leadership.

It requires nothing more or less than knowing the real you.

In our work with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Shopify and more – we have every leader start within. In parallel, we create experiences for team members to share their insights, have real conversations, and engage deeply in the greatest challenge there is – creating trust. The kind of trust that brings everyone together, creates crystalline focus and unites them to lead the organization as a whole.

As a speaker, Stacey is known for her approachability and humor, creating engaging conversations among groups and offering practical and immediately useful information. She has been a speaker at global and regional conferences and Fortune 500 company events, to groups from 100 to 1000. She partners to create the experience that best serve audiences.

Stacey paired her degree in Business with a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science to create the “work love of her life.” She is the author of “Inner Critic, Inner Success: Claiming Your Own Success While Taming the Critic.” Stacey resides in Seattle, reads voraciously and parents an energetic pup named Talulah.

“I've had the opportunity attend their workshops and work with them to bring superb content to a conference my company held. They went above and beyond at every venture. They carefully structured each presentation or workshop to fulfill the needs of the audience- something unique in the world of keynote speakers.”
Darcy Gabriele, Sales Director, BW Events

“Stacey was not only was a fantastic speaker but also a fantastic facilitator. She engaged everyone in the room with her enthusiasm and expertise and kept everyone in their seats well beyond the end of her session. I was impressed by her ease of sharing her story and humor in which she injected her talk with. In a room full of technical individuals, every single person was laughing, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.”
Elisabeth Hosmer, Raytheon Technologies

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