Muma Sinkala

An equity and diversity champion believing potential may be evenly distributed, but opportunity is not

Muma is an executive leader in Africa and the UK.

A CEO of a Fintech company changing the informal financial services sector.

Muma knows first hand how women are most impacted when it comes to finances and this translates to a lot of areas in their lives.

The inability by the financial sector to empower women is something detrimental to the growth of communities, especially for those in the informal sector, and she knows this all too well.

Under her leadership Krypia the financial services company she runs won the Fintech innovator of the year award 2022.

Nominated for five other awards, Muma is also the founder of African art for spaces an immersive investment art platform dedicated to increasing the value of African art particularly for women.

Muma believes that embracing equity by using technology to provide financial services and improve what women get paid in the creative industry changes everything by levelling or improving the playing field for everyone, this leads to better creativity and better products.

This is a topic Muma believes is paid little attention, how do we use technology to level financial services if the individuals provided for have little or no access? How do we show equity in payments when African women are less likely to be in galleries or be paid the same as their counterparts?

Muma believes she has the kickstarting conversation to draw solutions.

Her demonstrative experience in using merging technology to change this narrative and encourage and embrace women in mostly men occupied roles has led her to create companies that shape the finance and art sector.

This years theme on equity is central to my work in these two industries, and speaking on panels that spark action conversations is what Muma does.

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