Jessica Wilson

Award winning entrepreneur. Leveraging technology to fund & scale women's rights law reform

Jessica Wilson is Pinned by Forbes as one of 1,000 entrepreneurs under 30 to change the world in the next 50 years.

She is a repeat tech entrepreneur and professional keynote speaker, her first tech company scaled to 130 countries, she toured as the opening keynote for Tony Robbins and Tom Bilyue's Australian tours and was pinned by Forbes as one of 1,000 entrepreneurs under 30 to change the world in the next 50 years.

Jessica has recently co-founded Women Making Waves which is a tech company using a large portion of funds to fund and scale women's rights law reform in Australia and the United States. Women Making Waves works with proven law reform experts such as Australia's Nina Funnell and the USA's Equal Rights Advocates and raises funds via NFT's and Digital Smart Memberships. Thus far the law reform experts aligned with Women Making Waves have changed an accumulative 40+ laws, and this technology further amplifies, funds and scales their work.

Upon launching in October WMW has featured in Forbes, The CEO Magazine, Yahoo!, Mamamia and the front page of The Australian to name a few and has engaged leading philanthropists, celebrities and venture capital firms as supporters such as Deepak Chopra, Kat Graham, Blackbird Ventures, Airtree to name a few via a viral LinkedIn campaign entitles #ITookThePledge.

Jessica's IWD Keynote aligns with the topic of "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality", discussing the below:
- Co-founding Women Making Waves, and connecting the dots between technology and identifying and aligning with world leading law reform experts.
- Empowerment and how by leveraging tech, community and law reform we are able to create global impact for gender equality
- The mindset and tactical skill of female founders and how these tips can be learnt by fellow entrepreneurs or intrepreneurs
The tone of Jessica's keynotes are entertaining and aspirational via story telling and highlighting key takeaways from a mindset and tactical skill perspective sharing real life stories and learnings throughout.

"I highly recommend Jessica as a keynote speaker and expert on digital innovation and leadership" - Michael Lane, CEO Forbes Australia

Jessica is available for both in person and digital keynotes and panels whilst spots last on IWD and throughout the week (6th - 10th March).

Contact email:

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