Amani Mohamad

Lawyer, civil society and women's activist, expert in Iraqi laws, and public speaker

Amani is an Iraqi native, who lives in Baghdad.

She is a lawyer by training, graduated from Al Nahrain College of Law in 2013. She joined the humanitarian effort in Iraq in 2013.

She has worked in numerous protection, GBV, and human rights projects.

In 2017, she co-founded a local NGO, called Lawyers for Women. Since then she has served as the Executive Director of the organization.

Amani is a public speaker, an advocate by nature, and a women’s rights activist.

She works closely with the Iraqi Community Police and local women NGOs to support women, especially GBV survivors who need legal assistance.

Currently, in partnership with a USA based law firm, Amani is leading a team of lawyers and paralegals in Iraq to identify and legally represent persons – or families of persons – who died or incurred physical or psychological injuries due to their association with US army in Iraq.

Moreover, Amani - and her team -  has been collaborating with the International Social Services (Swiss based NGO) to provide urgent legal and social services in Iraq for children and families who have concerned family members abroad.

Amani is a regular guest of media outlets and has appeared in prominent international broadcasters, such as BBC Arabic.

She also hosted a webcast series called "From the Law", produced by Seventh Sense for Media and Art Production.

Amani is well spoken and she is bilingual in Arabic and English.

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