Shantelle Thompson Barkindji Warrior

First Nations woman, Mother of 6, Athlete, Author, Indigiprenuer, Kiilalaana Foundation founder

Barkindji Warrior, x3 Jiu Jitsu World Champion, writing her own narrative, sharing her story globally as a proud staunch First Nations woman, mother of 6, athlete, author, indigiprenuer, & Founder of the Kiilalaana Foundation.

Being the Warrior Heart & a light in the world inviting & empowering others to stand in their power, be their truth & follow their heart. Being the change she needs to see in the world, through showing up to her own healing, writing my her story & being guided by the Ancestral Calling of her culture & old people.

Shantelle is a life weaver, weaving together her roles of being a First Nations woman, Mother x6, Athlete, Indigiprenuer, Storyteller & Founder - Kiilalaana Foundation. A dream walker following her dreams to inspire & empower others to be the change they want to see in the world.

Shantelle went from Suicide to World Champion after experiencing post-partum psychosis in 2010 that led her to hurting her infant daughter (one of twins) & trying to suicide. This moment in time activated a sacred promise she had made in her early teens, that her future children would not become victims of her trauma or have childhoods that they would need to heal from.

Shantelle began her journey being born into a world a narrative & early experiences that told her she was to be less than, & to be satisfied with the role given to her, or to not exist at all in who she was. So from a very young age, Shantelle choose to listen to her own heart & the calling of her Ancestors to walk her own path & write her own narrative. In doing so healing generational trauma & low aspirations & setting the next generation free.

"Aunty Shantelle is one of the most inspiring & engaging role models for our people, & our young women. Shares her knowledge & wisdom through storytelling & empowers girls & women to believe in themselves & stand up for their rights & beliefs. Her strength, compassion, leadership & dedication are just a few of the attributes that make her a great person, mother & role model." Jordan Mifsud

Through following her Warrior Heart, & over many years learning how to stand in her power, be her truth & follow her heart. Shantelle began to raise her voice & share her story thus empowering & challenging her community (First Nations, Women & Girls & Youth) to remember who they are beyond the trauma & deficit narrative. Challenging the dominant narrative held by & about her people.

Shantelle Journey has led her to walk her own path in life &  this has led her to healing her own trauma & becoming a mother of x6, earn her Bachelor of teaching, Bachelor of Arts &  Grad Cert in Indigenous Trauma &  Recovery, win x3 world titles in Jiu Jitsu, Oceania wrestling champion & National Wrestling team member, becoming an Indigipreneur & founding the Kiilalaana Foundation working with First Nations women & girls.

Shantelle uses First Nations storytelling & yarning to share her story to inspire & empower people to see what is possible through their adversity & trauma. To share her lived, learned & earned experiences to engage, educate & empower on Holsitic Wellbeing, Women/Girls Empowerment, Resilience/Grit/Courage = Dreams, First Nations ways of being, doing & knowing, Leadership, Mindset & performance

Shantelle brings a deep level of raw vulnerability, truth & deep passion for her story & lighting a spark of possibility in all who she shares a space with.

"When Shantelle speaks, you do not only hear her words, you feel them at the deepest soul level. Whether it sharing stories of her culture & her community or the vision she holds for the many generations ahead, Shantelle captivates an inspires in every story. Further beyond words & the messages is the way thee make us feel: reflective, present, hopeful, strong. Shantelle stands tall, proud & powerful & generously gifts a piece of her own personal strength to all in her presence. I am grateful I had the opportunity to listen." Mim Jenkins

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