Barbara C. Pamplin

Author & speaker helping Black women with tools & ideas to reduce stress & transform toxic self-beliefs

Barbara Pamplin is an author and speaker who stands for Black women who have survived a traumatic health crisis.

She speaks at events and gatherings to inspire Black women with tools and ideas to reduce stress and transform toxic self-beliefs to improve emotional and physical health, increasing their confidence for managing chronic health conditions or simply prioritizing their wellbeing.

Whether its speaking to…
- Black women at retreats and events organized by event planners, sororities, and nonprofit/community organizations, or
- Black women who are members of ERGs at Corporations, or
- Healthcare professionals who serve Black women
Barbara shares her experiences to inspire and empower Black women to remember who the f*ck they are and how to love and heal themselves.

Barbara's life was changed by 50, 3, and 3 - 50 days in ICU, 3 open heart surgeries, and 3 deaths and resuscitations. She survived an aortic dissection (which is 99% fatal), 3 open heart surgeries, and 3 deaths and resuscitations. Five years later in 2022, she survived another rare, life-threatening condition (Pheochromocytomas) and surgery.

The road that led her to the operating room, and nearly the morgue, was paved with inter-generational trauma from the effects of slavery, misogynoir, betrayal trauma, and racial stereotypes.

Fueled by gratitude and joy for living, she was called to go beyond surviving to use her experience to help others through inspiration, storytelling, and education. As part of that process, she wrote a memoir and self-help book, From Fat, Black, and Unlovable to Beautiful Powerful Love. In this work, she writes about her experiences, and she documents the many behaviors and toxic beliefs that formed in her youth and persisted throughout her life. Her story is as remarkable and unique as it is familiar to many Black women.

Barbara is also a seasoned marketing leader with over 20 years’ experience with Fortune 500 global brands at all levels of the marketing funnel. She is an entrepreneurial strategic doer, experienced in classic CPG brand marketing, global digital marketing, and advertising production as well as lower funnel acquisition, e-Commerce, performance, and loyalty marketing to drive revenue and engagement.

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