Anaïs Comot

On a mission to empower 100,000+ women to build a career they're truly happy with by 2035

Anaïs has worked with 200+ professionals from various backgrounds and industries and towards the same objective: live their best life through a fulfilling career.

Coming from a Procurement and Consultancy background, she has made multiple career transitions herself and experienced the struggles associated with a career that is not fulfilling, even impacting your health and the other aspects of your life.

Anaïs personal mission is to empower 100,000+ women to build a career they are truly passionate about by 2035 - currently at 200 people coached 1-1 and counting.

She strongly believes that life is too short to fill unfulfilled at work and regularly hosts workshops covering the following topics: overcoming imposter syndrome, how to build a fulfilling career, working on your self-confidence.

Originally from France, Anaïs has lived in the UK for 8+ years and loves to bring people together by holding a safe space where everyone feels comfortable being themselves as well as ready to take action once they attended her workshops and speaking events.

Feel free to email her at: or message her on LinkedIn if you'd like to be in touch:

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