Aimee Kate

Helping women discover the power of their monthly cycle to optimise time, productivity & wellness in life & business

Aimee Kate is a Cycle Syncing Strategist, Certified Business & Mindset Coach.

She is on a mission to help ambitious women work strategically with their monthly cycle (not against it) to create a life and career on their terms, resolving mindset blocks and rewiring negative thoughts so they can confidently thrive in every area of their life without burnout.

Aimee Kate's journey and depth of knowledge will inspire and empower other women to see what's possible when we actively support the phases of our monthly cycle.  

The Cycle Strategy is a practical solution for life & business, honouring our natural ebbs, flows, and inner strengths so you can create more ease, flow & profit.

THE CYCLE STRATEGY TALK - Discover how to work strategically with your monthly cycle
(not against it) to harness more ease, flow & productivity.

You'll learn the following:

- What is cycle syncing?
- Who is it for & does it apply to me?
- How does it work?
- Why is this important?
- How can I get started?

Speaker topics/ Areas of expertise:

- Cycle Syncing:  Work-life well-being & productivity
- Mindset: Habits, behaviours, beliefs & values
- Strategy: Vision, intention & implementation

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