Eunice Munyi Ogada

Helping you address your health from the inside out

Eunice is a Healthy Lifestyle Specialist who helps adults over 16 years to gain a mindset, bodyset, skillset, toolset and spiritset that enables their lifespan to equal their health span by focusing on an inside-out approach from a cellular level and looking at the body as one instead of a divided approach.

Her mission is to empower you to live over 100 healthy years. Educational background includes an undergraduate in Physiotherapy and postgraduate training in Advancing Physiotherapy Practice and Manual Therapy. Over 12 years’ experience as an advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner.  
A Certified Nutrition Coach from the Food Matters Institute and underway to becoming a functional medicine practitioner soon.  

She works with people from various backgrounds, ethnicity and different abilities such as those with and without various physical impairments, various diagnoses and also, those with no diagnosis who want to be healthier and live well, longer.

Her focus is helping you understand the root cause and eliminate it through the Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle programme. This aims to teach how to live at ease not with dis-ease. To avoid having a pill for every ill.

Her mantra: Your health span should equal your life span, because there is no point living to 100 years if your health does not match that. Your health is your wealth, protect it at all costs.

• Nutrition
• Toxins
• Chronic Inflammation
• Disease Reversal and prevention
• Women’s health: A hormonal journey.
• Women’s mental health
• Weight management

Keep up with Eunice on Instagram: @yunisgado

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