Tecresa Strange

A powerful and engaging speaker on Women's Empowerment

Tecresa Strange is a Public Speaker who focuses on Women's Empowerment and overcoming obstacles to unlock your dreams.

Tecresa is a powerful example of how to overcome any obstacle life throws your way.

She is a successful businesswoman, wife, and mother of three who has battled and overcome a life-threatening illness. Tecresa is dedicated to helping other women achieve their goals and live their best lives. She is an inspiration to all that hear her speak.

With a strong background in Nursing, Human Services / Domestic Violence and Social Work, she is also an Author and Motivational Speaker. Tecresa wears a number of hats and believes that women can accomplish anything they set their mind to despite the setbackā€™s life may throw their way.

When asked where her passion for helping women came from, she said: "I want to help other women because I know what it feels like to be in a place where you don't feel like you have any control over your life. I want to be a voice for the other women who feel that they don't have one. It is my goal to help them find their voice and use it to make a difference in their lives. I know that when we come together, we are strong and we can do anything."

Focus for Empowerment Speech Outline:

I. Introduction

1. Where is Your Voice - Finding your voice and speaking your truth
2. The value of Self-Talk - Using your kindness to be kind to you
3. Overcoming Obstacles and Setbacks - Getting knocked off the path to find your way back
4.  Your Piece of the Puzzle - Believing in yourself and finding your strengths
5. Unlocking your Power - Unleashing your Strength

II. Questions

1. Q&A
2. Closings

Materials will be provided for audience and additional topics can be added if she is needed to speak for a longer period. Thank you for taking the time to consider Tecresa for your speaking engagement and she looks forward to speaking with you soon! Have an empowering Day!

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