Fabienne Sandoval

Supporting anxious professional women in their journey to building stronger relationships & their self-worth

Fabienne Sandoval is an international life coach and experienced speaker.

Fabienne is a life coach working with clients internationally, helping them to discover their self-worth and grow into their greatest potential through healing the wounds of the past, navigating insecurities and gaining confidence to lead a life they love.

Fabienne is an experienced speaker with a warm, positive, and engaging style. She specialises in online interactive workshop-style presentations, and has spoken to audiences of up to 100+ including Amazon, Pfzier, Monster Inc, and Swansea University to name a few.

Fabienne is a teacher for Insight Timer the number one free app for Meditation, Sleep, Anxiety, and Mindfulness worldwide. She regularly shares her talks, runs live events, and hosts a number of courses dedicated to helping you in your journey to higher self worth.

IWD 2023 Event Outline:

What is International Women's Day and why do we celebrate it?
- historical context
- insightful statistics

Exploring Equality versus Equity (IWD theme)

Understanding Gender Bias

How you can make a difference?

Open discussion/ Q&A

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