Camilla J Collins

Empowering people to change their self-perception & reimagine the huge amount of power they already have within themselves

Camilla is the founder of multiple beauty and entertainment agencies that work with individuals, corporations, and luxury brands.

She is also the author of the book #NoFilterNeeeded - kicking unobtainable standards to the kerb and reimagining the power within yourself.

Camilla speaks on self-image, self-confidence, and lifestyle and her signature talk delves into how injecting other’s values and standards into your personal and professional life breeds self-doubt and unfulfillment.

During the talk participants are guided to shut out distractions, look within, and identify their own power.

Their self-awareness is heightened, goals redefined and realigned, and they are given the practical and actionable tools to redesign their lifestyle to better support them and ensure it’s one which they can truly thrive in.

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