Sally Evans

Real story of total life change after 50, creating a winery in France & launching a new business as an outsider

After a corporate career and a family, Sally launched a new business in her 50's, on her own and without any prior knowledge of the industry. Seven years on, she has a boutique winery in Bordeaux, makes award-winning wines and a wine tourism venue for wine tastings and events.

Sally shares her story from starting wine studies to moving to Bordeaux, weaving together previous experience and skills into one successful project with multiple facets and potential revenue streams.

Starting from scratch, she has simply made it happen and recounts her journey with passion, humour and complete candour.  

Sally can orient her speech to be focused specifically on making a life change in your 50’s or business focused around the pragmatic steps to set up in a new industry as an outsider.

She also talks with passion about the reality of making a business sustainable.

Sally has done what so many of us wonder if we can do – totally change our lives later in life. So if you are thinking about leaping into a new chapter, working in the wine industry or living in France but don’t know where to start, she will inspire you to take that first step.

Sally can present in English or French. She can also do a guided wine tasting as part of the event or after the speech.

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