Kiran Kumar

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Host of the 'You Are Not Invisible After 50' podcast

Kiran Kumar is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats with effortless ease. She is an Entrepreneur, Self-Empowerment Advocate, Featured Poet, Trainer,  Host of the successful ‘You Are Not Invisible After 50’ podcast, and the Founder of the SPF50 (Super Powerful Females) Movement.

As a former Project/Programme Manager, Kiran has a wealth of experience in the corporate world, and has worked with some of the biggest global companies in helping them achieve their goals.

With her strong corporate background, Kiran has become a hugely successful Founder and Entrepreneur who is known for her strategic thinking, innovative ideas, and leadership skills.

Kiran's journey to success has been a long and winding one. Born and raised in the UK in a traditional Indian family, Kiran's story is real, powerful, and heartfelt. She has faced many personal and professional challenges, but has always persevered and found success. Described as a woman who "lives by the words that she speaks," Kiran is honest, truthful, and authentic.

By utilising her skills, experiences, and knowledge gained from both her personal and professional life over five decades, Kiran can deliver a wide range of talks, speeches, and workshops with passion, confidence, and clarity.

A certified people development professional, trainer, and professional speaker, Kiran is able to effectively utilise her experience, knowledge and skills to deliver a wide range of engaging presentations.

Charismatic, gregarious and inspiring in her delivery, Kiran has a unique ability to connect with the audience, simplify complex ideas and making them accessible to everyone. Her workshops and speeches have been praised for their ability to motivate and empower individuals to take action and achieve their goals.

Being a woman, a woman of colour, and a woman of a certain age, she has now found her life's purpose in spotlighting and showcasing a diverse range of women over 50 from across the world through the ‘You Are Not Invisible After 50’ podcast.

The podcast has become a global sensation, with listeners tuning in from all over the world and is amongst Spotify’s top 10% most shared podcasts globally within six months of its inception. Kiran's message is clear: age is just a number, and everyone has something valuable to contribute - no matter how old they are.

As well as her own podcasts, Kiran has also been featured on several other media platforms including BBC Radio Bristol, where she has used her poetic words to inspire and uplift others. Her poems’ encourage listeners to look within themselves and find their own strength.

Overall, Kiran Kumar is a passionate individual who is dedicating her life and efforts to helping others. She is a testament to anyone who has faced challenges and adversity that anything is possible regardless of their age. Her commitment to self-empowerment, her innovative ideas, and her ability to connect with others make her a force to be reckoned with in the self-help and empowerment industry.

Workshops, Talks and Presentations

Topics include:
-  Be Your Own Superhero: Embracing Your Unique Gifts
-  The Confident Woman: Owning Your Power and Presence
-  Finding Your Voice: Speaking Up and Making a Difference
-  The Power of your Story: Sharing Your Voice and Inspiring Change
-  Empowering Women of All Ages: Stories of Inspiration and Strength
-  Be the Boss of Your Life: A Woman's Guide to Empowerment
-  Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Discovering Your True Potential
-  Celebrating Your Authentic Self: Embracing Who You Are After 50  
-  Building a Life You Love: Creating Your Own Path After 50

You Are Not Invisible After 50 Podcast
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