Paula Tufa

An inspiring & heart warming keynote on rising up in business

Inspiring Paula presents her personal and professional story of beating the odds and rising up as a Director in the Corporate world.

Overcoming poverty and discrimination, all whilst balancing motherhood, she provides your leaders and people with profound insights on 'how to' rise in their own careers - no matter the barrier.

Brilliantly, she weaves in strategies on how individuals can influence the naysayers and create a fertile ground for DE&I initiatives.

With extensive real world experience, having worked as a Board Member and HR Director combined with academic qualifications (Master in Coaching Psychology and Bachelor of Business), Paula connects deeply with her audience. Infectious and wise, she will leave a lasting impression with audiences.

Paula is perfect for organisations where DEI is understood conceptually but yet to be coded into the DNA of your leaders, people and culture.

Her keynote presentation, although DEI focused, is engaging and relevant for all people. She can reference any people programs that you are currently working on.

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