Sanya Engineer

Women empowerment from the lens of a girl raised in a small town of a developing country

Sanya is a technology professional in her mid-career currently working in a fintech company in the Bay Area. Sanya was raised in a small town in India by progressive parents.

Throughout her life and career, Sanya became aware of the many issues that affect women; limited opportunities, oppression, abuse, bias, etc. She also became aware of the power of education, information and empowerment. Resonating with this, she instilled a sense of responsibility to work for the cause of women empowerment.

Sanya started this journey at the grassroots level, working with colleges for tribal girls in India. Sanya delivered guest lectures on topics such as female safety and financial freedom.

She also headed the Women's Development Cell in her college during her bachelors degree, with the goal of increasing women participation in technical events. Sanya is part of Grace Hopper Community, world largest community for women in tech. Apart from this, Sanya provides mentoring and resume-building guidance to girls and women trying to break into tech.

Continuing on this, Sanya wishes to be part of this incredible celebration of IWD by sharing her journey, her experiences and the learnings.

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