Mandie Holgate

Belief and confidence can override any obstacle; - and only you can stop your ultimate success

It took 25 years to get diagnosed with Lupus. Suffering excruciating pain and exhaustion didn't stop Mandie from being asked to write Fight the fear for one of the UK's leading non-fiction publishers and winning multiple awards leading to visits to The House of Lords and Downing Street in recognition of her work for women in business and her creating The Business Woman's Network.

Mandie knows first hand the power of the mind with her specialists admitting its impressive what Mandie can achieve despite Lupus, Fibromylagia and 2 other auto immune diseases.

Mandie has spent years honing her coaching to become a top UK coach working with teams across a diverse range of sectors supporting people to overcome adversity, handle change creatively and effectively, achieve every KPI and gain record sales.

Mandie's unique style breaks down barriers, creates a non judgemental fun environment to feel safe to say anything.

Mandie has delivered 2 hour coaching sessions to 220 members of the same team with everyone gaining powerful insights into themselves.

Mandie believes when you understand the science of being you, you can work in your own way in any team towards the same goals.

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