Savannah Grace Clemente

Founder & President @ Wraithwatch | Former SpaceX | Former Anduril

Savannah Grace Clemente is Co-Founder & President of Wraithwatch a cyber defense company founded by former SpaceX, Anduril, Google and Palantir engineers.

Prior to Wraithwatch, Grace spent 6 years at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) where she built the company's Insider Threat program from the ground up as part of the cybersecurity team preparing for crewed flights of the Dragon spacecraft and nascent Starship and Starlink programs.

Following SpaceX, Grace went on to Anduril Industries where she built the company's Insider Threat and Counterintelligence programs from scratch, leading engineers and analysts to implement advanced cybersecurity controls mitigating espionage and other threats to Anduril's employees, weapons and AI systems.

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