Rikki Arundel

A highly engaging and entertaining “Non-Binary Trans-Feminine” speaker

Rikki Arundel MSc, PSAE, FPSA, FRSA, ALAM(Hons)

Rikki Arundel is an award winning virtual/keynote speaker, diversity trainer and presentation skills and storytelling coach. After founding the UK and Ireland Professional Speaking Association (PSA), their career as an international sales and technology speaker came to an abrupt end when they changed gender.

Faced with considerable discrimination, Rikki completed a master’s degree in gender research at Hull University and established themselves as a social entrepreneur and one of the leading gender diversity speakers in the UK, including delivering two successful TEDx talks.

Today Rikki draws extensively upon their own experience and that of the many trans and non-binary people they have helped and supported over the past 20 years.  

Working extensively with organisations who are keen to raise awareness of gender inequality and create fairer more inclusive workplaces, Rikki has developed a reputation for engaging audiences through her use of entertaining and inspiring stories and audience engagement.

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