Cynthia Fortlage

Award-winning Speaker & Consultant helping organisations create intentional cultures where people feel they belong

Cynthia is an award-winning speaker and consultant who brings a unique insight of One Leader with Two Genders of experience to every organisation while helping them at the intersection of human rights, sexuality, gender, and privilege to create intentional cultures where people feel they belong.

Her What, How, and Why
> Helping organisations solve diversity challenges through my unique lens of one leader with two genders of experience is her What.
> Using Acceptance without Understanding™ is her How.
> Creating safe spaces where people feel they belong is her  Why!

Coming out at the height of her corporate C Suite career has been life-changing but challenging.

Beyond the insights from decades of experience as a senior executive & board leader, she has collated much wisdom since she began focusing on helping create safe spaces for people in 2017. She wants others to leverage this collection of knowledge to help make their organisation a safe space.

Global Speaking Experience
She has been called: “an amazing lecturer and teacher for those in hearing distance.” She shares knowledge through stories with vulnerability and a passion that connects with audiences on every level. She is well-spoken and publicised in the media and has presented at 400+ events in 30+ countries, both online and in person.

She regularly leads education on:
- Gender-related education and workshops
- Create awareness of privilege
- Developing intentional cultures
- Policy language reviews
- Organisational system and process reviews
- Developing an inclusive strategy
- Facilitating diversity-related workshops and discussions
- Transgender experiences in life and work

Board Experience
She had been part of 14+ boards, including as a founding member numerous times. She served as National Board Chair for Women's March Canada, a feminist organisation. She was the Board President for Rainbow Resource Centre in Winnipeg, Canada. Currently she is Stonewall Housing (UK) board member and Board Member for the International LGBTIQ organisation and UN Secretariat Outright International based in New York City.

Notable Awards:
2020 Yahoo! finance & Involve Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives
2019 Finalist CIO of the Year by Women in IT Awards
2016, 2017, 2018 Financial Posts & Involve Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives
2016 One of the 20 Most Influential CIOs by CXO Talk

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