Michelle Mills-Porter

Dedicating her life to unleashing human magnificence since discovering it by accident in the Boxing Day Tsunami

Michelle was a multi-award winning business leader when she was caught in the biggest natural disaster in our living history. What she discovered would change her trajectory for ever.

Having witnessed what is at the core of humanity, she says it is magnificent!

She learned that we all have something to bring to the party, and each thing is of equal value.

She learned the sheer power of collaboration can move mountains when you share a goal and that we are motivated by a force unseen.

The People Reader is now how people know her and it is also the name of the illuminating analysis tools that she has created to enable others to unleash their magnificence.

She is a celebrated International Speaker, and a Board Director of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I, but her purpose on this planet is being realised every day with "the tiny little fires she helps to start in people's bellies."

She can just as easily have people rolling around in the aisles laughing as she can reduce them to tears with her vulnerability, a unique talent, a professional and a safe pair of hands whatever the audience requires.

Her content can be drawn on for the following themes;
Team work
Human behaviour
Rapport building
Personal Values
Diversity and Inclusion
Finding Fulfilment

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