Alena Turley

Co-creating a world in which women and mothers reclaim their power and become the changemakers they dream of being.

Alena Turley is an award-winning educator, podcaster, women's martial arts instructor and holistic health mentor with over 30 years of experience.

Her pioneering parenting and conscious living blog, the Soul Mama Hub, began in 2009. For the past several years she has been a member of the UK Ethical Influencers Network, an expert panelist for the Australian Clean & Conscious Awards, and in the past year her podcast, Unboxable, has grown to be highly rated on International charts.

Alena has built communities of mothers online in the tens of thousands across Bath, England and the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, where she now lives with her three children, one husband, and one pooch.

Alena's community membership and mentor services help women finally heal depletion and make moves towards becoming the changemakers they dream of becoming whilst showing up as the best mum possible.

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