Imelda Alumonah

Transformational Speaker & Catalyst, President at The Deborah Mandate, Author

Imelda Alumonah is a transformational coach and catalyst. A personal identity, confidence and self love coach who is committed to empowering women to release their potential into the word and live out from their core or true selves.

She believes that we are all unique, talented and different and it is our responsibility to discover, cultivate, unleash and bless the world with our uniqueness and show you our best self. Anything short of this is mediocrity and we have not been called into a life of smallness or mediocrity whether we choose to be house wives, business owners, in politics etc or all of the above.

She is committed  to helping women find their voice and has helped women break off from the shackles of society, limiting beliefs and subconscious conditioning that has held them down.

The first step to any true transformation begins from identity. If we understand who we are and that they we are unique, we do not see differences as a treat but embrace it as a gift. We can truly appreciate and celebrate our differences and encourage equity and cheer others to show up authentically no matter how different they are from others.

In your event, Miss Imelda would be teaching on
1. Identity- embracing your true self, finding HER & living from your core
2. Embracing differences & seeing differences as a gift not a threat. (If we understand who we are and we commit to showing up authentically, we give others the permission to do so and encourage equity in the process)
3. Why equity is not a choice but a necessity and how we can love others through our differences.


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