Leslie Maxie

Accomplished sportscaster, record-holding Olympic athlete & international keynote speaker

Leslie speaks on how modern business people tackle ageism, both within the workplace and within themselves. In today’s workforce we have an unprecedented level of generational variety, and with this new trend comes new problems.

Sometimes it’s the young intern who is not being taken seriously. Sometimes it's the older coworker that we unconsciously exclude. Additionally, there is a startling trend of older employees being unfairly laid off in comparison to newer, younger employees.

Even getting the job itself can be wrought with ageism. Like mistaking youth for inexperience and old age with being out of touch during the hiring process.

However, the only way that we can combat ageism is by understanding it. In this keynote, Leslie will walk you through the various ways ageism can rear its ugly head and the easy ways that we can counteract it.

She will share stories from her life and the journey she started against ageism. You’ll even find out how J-Lo was part of the spark that launched this movement!

The battle against ageism has been far from a straight path, it’s been rewarding and daunting. Throughout the ups and downs, like refusing to accept her gray hairs to dealing with divorce, Leslie captures the spirit of her experience in a way that’s relatable to all of us.

From this keynote to her “Not Your Mama’s 50” Movement, Leslie has made it her mission to strike ageism at its core, and this keynote is another step on that mission.

Whether young or old, we can all fall victim to ageism. So join Leslie in this fight against the one “ism” that affects us all and as Leslie likes to say, “Let’s kick ageism's ass!”

In 2022, Leslie gave this speech at the Women in Retail Leadership summit and received phenomenal feedback. She and her team are happy to meet on Zoom to discuss this keynote and tailor it further to your audience.

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