Minister Dr. Diane Rose

Aging Gracefully GEMS in Fortified Cities Event Leader

After spending 10 years in corporate finance, I spent the balance of my career within the context of a social justice and equity mission. I enjoy working to improve the lives of our society’s most economically underserved communities by providing them with better access to health, housing, education and economic opportunities.

I am energetic, thorough and passionate about enhancing the human capital in communities and have spent the bulk of my career creating and managing organisms and its leadership to make this broad mission come alive.

Currently, I have a Women’s Ministry whose focus is on Leadership Development Capacity Building, and Cultivating Excellence as “Ministers” in the Secular Environment.

It has been operational since 2010 and has served as an umbrella organization for several other nonprofit initiatives of which I have been responsible. I am passionate about the needs of vulnerable populations and equitable development for them.

As a Ministry, we envision Community Development as crucial to the holistic sustainability and growth of families as well as the infrastructures that support them. Working with LISC Corporation is not unfamiliar to me in my work. Serving as Executive Director would be an honor.  

Here are a few highlights of my prior experience: I have provided oversight of efforts to combat poverty and deliver affordable housing, healthcare, workforce, economic development, and social services to individuals and families from the cradle to the grave.

I ran a Private Psychotherapy and Consulting Practice whose mission was to offer individual and group counselling as well as Development of Wellness Programs within an organizational context.

I also worked with women within the context of vulnerable families functioning within an urban (and suburban) transitional context. These experiences have empowered me to work effectively on human potential and organizational development and the import to converge the two.

They have also taught me how to build successful relationships with key stakeholders to support the constituents of these programs as well as how to qualitatively evaluate programs for quality, development, and implementation. Finally, as an adjunct professor in Human Resources, Social Science, and Non-Profit and Business Development, I have developed and introduce curriculum as well as crafted train the trainer packages.  

In closing, my passion has been to find innovative ways to improve organizational and individual effectiveness through developing its leadership, staffing infrastructure and systems so as to maximize its hidden potential.  

My unique ability to qualitatively facilitate the transformation of an organization or individual mission into concrete plans, policies, programs and practices that can be (and has been) substantially funded is what I am confident will drive a way forward towards meeting the needs of Aging Gracefully Women to live successful lives beyond the workplace and more!  

Diane R. Willis, D.Ph.

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