Gail Plant

Equity and Inclusion Advocate providing providing enrichment through professional development training, coaching, and speaking engagements

Gail Plant is an inspirational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advocate.  Gail learned early in her life that the key to successful relationships is understanding and being accepting of others differences. Early in Gail’s life, she experienced hurt and isolation from those in her community and family simply because she was different.

As a result, Gail vowed to stand up for herself and others, to welcome the VALUE in others, and to promote self-awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Gail desires to inspire all for whom she connects, with the goal that all will embrace the uniqueness for which humanity is centered upon.

Gail has spent the last 26 years coaching, mentoring, and leading others on the journey of embracing and fostering our differences and our VALUE.

Gail holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Master of Arts in Leadership Development.  She resides in the surrounding Philadelphia area with her husband and 3 children.

Gail is available for speaking engagements, training, panel discussions, custom engagements, and 1-on-1 coaching.

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