Rebecca Richards

Data Privacy / Security Specialist and ISO Standard Implementer - driving best practice for all organisations

Rebecca is experienced in speaking at local IT, environmental and data privacy events. She specialises in helping companies address compliance with the Data protection Act 2018.

Rebecca has over 10 years experience in implementing and auditing ISO standards for all type of organisations, no matter their size or complexity.

Rebecca is able to talk you through legal requirements and show you how ISO standard certification not only boosts the organisation from an internal improvement perspective, but also how to use the certifications to provide assurances to larger organisations and aid in legal compliance activities.

Rebecca uses public speaking to drive the importance of data privacy within the workplace and shows how ISO standards can help to achieve progressive and continual data security, quality, and environmental best practice.
ISO standards are used across the globe to propel an organisation’s reputation and provide assurances of excellence to interested parties.

Rebecca is able to provide talks on the following:

Data Protection for UK organisations.

The methods and benefits of ISO27001 Information Security certification.

The methods and benefits of ISO9001 Quality certification.

The methods and benefits of ISO14001 Environmental certification.

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