Emekor R.E. Evans (she - her)

Forensic investigator and corporate advisor, passionate about integrity, equity and leadership styles

Emekor R.E. Evans can share from personal and professional experience.

30s, Dutch-Ghanaian, LLM, bilingual, tries-to-kitesurf.

Emekor has often been perceived as "young for the role", "female in a men's world" and "outsider", and has learned to navigate and use such situations to her advantage, often through having the benefit of being "different" than existing expectations.

Emekor has experience with and is passionate about supporting growth of other women, empowerment and influencing the status quo through subtle nudges or firm confrontation.

One of her most proud moments is initiating a foundation to provide inclusive children's books (on any intersection) to a local library.

Emekor works as a forensic investigator and trusted corporate advisor, supporting clients - on a daily basis - to prevent fraud and corruption within or by organizations.

Her main focus is to:
- Point towards our shared responsibility to be better and care more;
- Help guide an organization through sensitive and confidential moments of distrust, uncertainty or culture shifts;
- Identify potential issues and mitigate risks;
- Collaborate with leadership to strive for change for the better.

In the past speaker has worked as a legal specialist in a Criminal Court, where she focused on financial crime and terrorism.

Emekor is known for her inspirational enthusiasm and (often unrequested) tendency to provide honest "mirroring" observations about (team) behaviors and organizational culture.

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