Christine Sandman Stone

Can I Cry At Work? and Getting Sh*t Done. Christine give real, proven tactics for success

Christine delivers stories and insight that leave the audience with practical takeaways to make a difference immediately.

In the MODERN MANAGEMENT MENTOR (Getting Stuff Done) Christine shares both the business case for building the pipeline for women managers and leaders and new tactics to for managers in this modern economy to succeed.  

We changed strategy (it's agile) and the workforce (it's global and hybrid) - now we need to build modern management muscle.  

Whether you aspire to be a manager, manage now or lead managers - this talk is guaranteed to give you new tactics for delivering results and getting the best from your people.

In CAN I CRY AT WORK... Christine shares the high impact career progression advice she has received over her 35 year career in tech.  

As part of the Chicago tech community, she mentors hundreds of women to successful career progression as part of the Chicago Innovation Women's Mentoring Co-op, AnitaB, ChiTechAcademy, Illinois Science and Tech Coalition, and others - and she keeps lists of how many women she helps get new jobs, promotions and opportunities.  

If you want a speaker who delivers more than great stories, empathy, and engagement - Christine is your person.  

Your group will leave the talk energized and with new ideas, and most importantly proven ideas to create progress.

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