Thea O'Connor

Wellbeing thought leader and women's health advocate

Let's close the wellbeing gap for women in the workplace and see more women step up (and stay up).

Much progress has been made towards gender equality in the workplace in recent decades, but there are still far fewer women than men in senior leadership roles, especially in the private sector.  

Is the struggle to maintain her health and wellbeing one of the (many ) barriers?  Especially during midlife when menopause and career aspirations can collide?

Recent Australian data shows that female leaders are more likely than male leaders to report significantly lower overall wellbeing, personal wellbeing, work wellbeing and life satisfaction.  

This keynote will equip women to be on the front foot so they can protect their health and vitality and so fulfil their career aspirations.  


BE CLEAR ABOUT THE FACTS: It makes intuitive sense that you can’t sustain a high demand role without  your health, but what does the science say?  Learn about the impact of wellbeing on critical leadership capabilities.

BE FOREWARNED: understand the current wellbeing gender gap for female leaders, and its main causes.  

BE ON THE FRONT FOOT: be equipped with education about the physiological changes all women will experience from her late 30s on and how she can support yourself.

BUST OUT OF THE SOCIAL CONDITIONING that STILL has women looking after others’ wellbeing before her own!


SMART CAREER MOVES to protect your career during menopause.

THEA O’CONNOR is a Wellbeing Thought Leader and Women's Health Advocate.

Throughout her career Thea has pioneered new approaches to wellbeing, in response to some of the most pervasive and persistent health challenges of our times.
• As a former director of the nfp organisation Body Image & Health Inc, Thea helped to change public health messages in Australia about weight management to prevent stigmatisation of larger people, well before diversity and inclusion was 'a thing'.
• As a Naptivist she works to normalise the power nap in our non-stop culture to protect our personal sustainability.
• Thea brought awareness about menopause to Australian workplaces (well before people could even utter the word without going pale) so that employers can retain some of their most experience talent.
• She champions body intelligence as the missing success factor that enables individuals, leaders and teams, to kick bad habits and forge new ones.  

As a qualified health professional (dietitian), science graduate and winner of Adelaide University’s Prize in Genetics, you can be assured Thea’s work is evidence-based. She is also a TEDx speaker.

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