Aleksandra Majkic

Training top female talent to reach their full potential, develop authentic leadership style

Aleksandra Majkic, M.Sc. is an expert trainer with more than a decade of experience in high-tech. She has been working with clients from the USA, EU and India on managerial and board positions.

She helps teams and organizations to achieve their goals strategically by developing the skills of their people. As she grew up in high-tech, her experience is vast in bridging the gap between development teams, markets, customers, and decision-makers in a global market.

Aleksandra is an author for the American online learning and people development platform, Pluralsight and trainer covering the topics of female leadership, DEI, and effective communication.

She is passionate about female leadership, women empowerment, and working towards balancing the gender gap, especially in high-tech and STEM disciplines. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are what she find most meaningful to strive for.

Aleksandra is an advocate for work-life balance and making work places happier and safer for all people.


• Leading with Purpose and AUthenticity
• Breaking the Unconscious Bias for Inclusive Workplace
• Levels of Power: Female Leadership Superpower


• The Unwritten m/f Rules in the Workplace
• Strategic Negotiations & 11 Behavioural Archetypes
• Field of Influence and Power of Networking
• Profiling, Visibility & Sharing Success
• Developing Authentic Leadership

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