Dr Mathero Michelle Nkhalamba

Passionate Chartered Psychologist, mental health clinician, educator and counsellor

Who is Dr Mathero Michelle Nkhalamba?

Dr Mathero Michelle Nkhalamba believes that despite challenging experiences that people go through, one can tap into one’s inner resources and manage to have a productive and fulfilling life.

Born and bred in Malawi, the last of eight children, Dr Mathero Michelle Nkhalamba and her siblings were raised by her single mother. She was one of the two girls in her secondary school who went to University. She teaches psychology at University of Malawi along side other psychosocial support roles.

What is her passion?
Her passion is to share knowledge on personal growth and development, and this passion has been made easy by her professional orientation. She is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered psychologist with an MSc. In Clinical Psychology from Bangor University, UK PhD in Psychology from Rhodes University, South Africa.

As a psychologist she  provides counselling on individual and group basis with a range of expertise, including trauma, stress management, personal worth, self-esteem. She has delivered workshops to diverse population groups, including human rights activists, feminists, students and staff from International organisations.

What value can she add to women’s causes?
Dr Mathero Michelle Nkhalamba has 18 plus years of lecturing to undergraduate students and communicating research in various forums. She talks about topics that uplift and empower women such as:

Self-care for women
Healing from trauma
Creating safe spaces
Psychological safety
Stress management
Survival guilt
Impostor syndrome
The whole nine yards!

Dr Mathero Michele Nkhalamba is initially available to speak even on a volunteer basis, because she believes that knowledge has to be shared.

Most changing moments and life trajectories have been from people who selflessly provide their time and resources.

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