Amanda Kate

Self-Mastery expert helping you consciously create a life you'd be happy for your children to live

Amanda Kate is a Self-Mastery Facilitator who flips the paradigms of what it means to be a Master of Self.

Her journey started with one simple questions: "Are you living the life you'd be happy for your children to live?"

Her original answer was "Hell no!"

Wanting better for them than she'd created for herself took her on a path she'd never imagined walking. Over the last 10+ years she has transformed her earthly experience from a negative one, fuelled by self-hatred and poor relationships, to one of love, abundance, connection, positivity, and Self-Mastery.

Having walked a challenging path, and risen above adversity, Amanda is here to help you embody the wonder that is Self-Mastery by flipping paradigms of existence that do not serve us, allowing you to fully embody your wondrous, fully expressed Sovereignty.

Her deep navigation of the Heroine's Journey over the past 3 years in particular, has allowed her to completely alter the way she shows up as a Mother, a Lover, with others in her life, and with her clients.

We cannot #InspireInclusion until we have completely included all parts of ourselves.

By doing deep inner work, learning to love all that we are (even the unresourceful bits), and increasing our Self-Compassion, we build new muscles that allow us to see what lays behind our imposter syndrome, overwhelm and burnout, making them parts of our past, and consciously choosing a different future.

As we do this, we teach our children better ways to be in the world.

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