Dr. Kennedy Garcia

Thought Leader | Transformation Catalyst | White House Lifetime Achievement honoree

Dr. Kennedy Garcia, PhD. is a Stanford graduate and servant leader transforming lives everyday while wearing a crown figuratively and sometimes literally as a former six times pageant titleholder, the previous Mrs. International Beauty 2021 and the reigning Mrs. California International 2023.

She is on an unwavering mission to make a future full of fierce female leaders and to see the world transformed through the influence of the modern day Queen.

This Afro-Latina, pageant aficionado began her journey in pageantry at the age of 15 and has primarily used her winning State, National and international titles to expand access to mental health services and advocate for the advancement of women and girls across the globe.

Kennedy was named a Corporate Game-Changer by the Professional Business Women Association of California for the impact she makes in her role as a national healthcare executive at a $73 billion nonprofit organization.

She has earned over a dozen personal honors including the President's Lifetime Achievement Award from The White House for her outstanding mentorship, leadership development, mental health advocacy and philanthropic efforts of funding collegiate scholarships for girls.

Motivated by the purpose of wanting every woman to know she was born to reign and wanting to teach them how to do so, Kennedy founded Spiritual Boss Chick, a coaching platform helping others reach their full potential and crush opportunities beyond what they once thought possible in leadership & life.

Her firms programs have produced winning results for numerous women around the globe from CEO’s to Miss Universe Contestants and has widely contributed to Kennedy being a highly sought after International Coach & Motivational Speaker.

Kennedy recently developed REIGN, a brand new app helping girls cultivate leadership capabilities from their fingertips and will soon add Author to her long list of achievements when her first solo publication, "Finding Your Fierce" is released in the fall of 2024.

Some of her hottest keynotes/topics include:

* "Eradicating Burnout: Dismantling the Kryptonite"
* "Revolutionary Innovation: Seizing the Moment for True Transformation"
* "Beyond the Crown: Why Pageant Queens Are Ideal for Leadership Roles"
* “Smashing Glass: Paving the Way to being Remarkable Women in Leadership"
* "Challenging Biases: Leading with Empathy to Ignite Global Change"
* "Leadership Essentials for Women in Business: Cultivating Your Unique Style"
* "From Passion Project, Side Hustle or Startup to CEO: Navigating the Leadership Journey as a Female Entrepreneur"
* "Envisioning Tomorrow: Navigating Gender, Race, Faith, and Ethnicity in Leadership, Addressing Emotional Tax, and Embracing Inclusive Leadership"

Women Empowerment:
* "Fiercely Journeying Through Education, Career, and Life Transitions"
* "The Winning Mindset: Conquering Every Aspect of Life Everyday”
* "Embrace Abundance: Reimagining Wealth and Cultivating Wholistic Habits"
* "Empower Your Ambitions: A Playbook for Women Aspiring to Shatter Ceilings and Create Lasting Legacies"
* "Unlocking Success with Your Personal Board of Directors" (Leadership, Coaching, Mentorship and Sponsorship)
* "Breaking Free from the Comparison Trap: Embracing Your Unique Journey to Success
* "Rebirth and Renewal: Unleashing Purpose from Pain"

Health & Wellness:
* "Self-Care as a Superpower: Prioritizing Your Well-Being"
* "The Workplace Wellness Revolution: Strategies for a Healthier, Happier Workforce"
* "Prioritizing Mental Health: Your Lifeline to Resilience and Well-Being"
* "Breaking the Silence: Navigating challenges of Maternal Care Equity for Black & Brown Communities”

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