Dr Katherine Iscoe

Keynote speaker, author, board member, former CEO

Dr Katherine Iscoe is a keynote speaker, author, board member, former CEO of a dual-listed public company, academic mentor and summa cum laude graduate with multiple scholarships and awards.

Despite these achievements and perceived public success, Katherine’s mental health was teetering on collapse; she hid a debilitating eating disorder for over two decades, and persevered through severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

It is precisely these deeply personal experiences that have shaped Katherine's latest research focus: the inseparable connection between self-respect and self-leadership, because at the core of her struggle for inner peace, it was a lack of self-respect that influenced her self-destructive tendencies.

Her latest research reveals that self-respect enables a leader to push the limits of their potential by recognising their inherent worth and significance, enabling them to embrace calculated risks and break barriers, fostering a deep belief in their ability to make a meaningful impact.

Self-respecting leaders also communicate with more confidence, exhibit greater resilience, live free of imposter syndrome, and wholeheartedly embrace a growth mindset.

Over the course of her career, Katherine has:

‣Translated her knowledge to deliver impactful keynotes on global stages including The Women in Technology annual conference, Future Female Leaders and at The International Women’s Day hosted by Ferrari. She is regularly invited to speak at The University of Western Australia’s graduates events including delivering the 2018 convocation speech.

‣Backed her approach with over 13 years of academic study including a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences (graduating Summa Cum Laude), a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences (on a fully paid scholarship) and a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Biotechnology (on a fully paid scholarship). She later completed a Postgraduate in Counselling.

‣Crafted leadership development experiences for leading organisations, including: Commonwealth Bank, Chevron, Michael Page, Griffin, Ferrari, Chevron, BHP Billiton, United Nations Association, Corporate Traveller and Medtronic.

Katherine’s signature keynote, The Self-Respect Revolution™ is aligned for leadership development, International Women’s Day events, industry conferences and events.

Alongside her professional escapades, Dr Katherine is a dog-obsessed, murder-documentary loving nerd, who uses sewing as therapy and shoes as her healthy addiction.


"Katherine brings with her not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but she shares it with her audience in an engaging, captivating manner through impressive storytelling and the perfect amount of humour. The feedback we received from attendees following the event was phenomenal." Claire Seeber, Co-founder - Future Female Leaders Program

"Katherine spoke at our business event to a crowd of over 100 influential business women. She captivated the room with her raw and inspiring story. It is rare to have a speaker that engages the whole room to the degree she did. We look forward to working again with Katherine in the future." Nikki Milne, Director – The Perth Collective

"Dr Katherine is a true changemaker: a compelling storyteller with a vision for a more confident, connected community. She strikes the perfect balance between meticulously researched, evidence-based advice and unicorn farts, delivering her important message with intelligence, compassion and humour. We all need a dose of Katherine in our lives." Rebecca Johnson, CEO – Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre

"The powerful and moving message that Dr Katherine delivers during her talks is imperative for all women and should be heard all over the world. She is a moving, funny and compassionate speaker who has not only provided an important message to our guests but has impacted all the women that have attended our group." Beauty Inside & Out – Body Love Event

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