Jacqui Barrett

Keynote speaker for IWD 2023. BBC "Woman's Hour" guest. Podcast interviewee. Uses her voice to raise others.

15yrs at the BBC, now Co-founder of Wider Thinking. Award-nominated Equity, Diversity & Inclusion awareness, data-driven strategy e-learning platform, workshops and films.

Keynote speaker for an international bank on IWD 2023.

Interviewed on BBC's Woman's Hour about equity in women's healthcare.

Regular podcast guest discussing EDI in business.

Judge: Business Champions Awards 2023 & 2024. Category: Diversity & Inclusion Programme. Assessing : Clarity in policy and values; Actionable steps within HR; A happy and diverse workforce; Measures to protect what’s in place.

Jacqui's keynotes are bespoke to your needs.

She will collaborate closely to ensure you're 100 percent happy, giving you the opportunity to tweak, align her message with your messaging and values.

She will give you final sign off to ensure total satisfaction.

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