Tonia Jahshan

Urging women to embrace risks, uncover their true callings, and embrace their life’s purpose

Tonia, founder of Sipology, has embarked on a remarkable journey filled with more triumphs than tribulations.

Along this path, valuable lessons about the world of business and, more profoundly, self-discovery have been learned.

Her profound passion lies in narrating the Sipology story with the sincere hope that her words will kindle a spark of inspiration within others, urging them to embrace risks, uncover their true callings, and embrace their life’s purpose.

Sipology’s inception took place in a basement, and it evolved into a multimillion-dollar Profit 500 enterprise. This journey to success was marked by numerous twists and turns, a mix of victories and challenges, and many instances where her unwavering passion faced the test of doubt.

At the core of Tonia’s character are values such as perseverance, steadfast commitment, and unwavering focus, all of which have been sharpened through her real-life experiences.

When Tonia takes the stage to deliver her keynote addresses, she infuses them with generous doses of humor and humility.

Renowned for her ability to establish deep connections with audiences, she doesn’t just convey information; she stirs action and leaves a lasting impact. Her storytelling style, characterized by unvarnished authenticity and modesty, mirrors her beliefs and values, proving to be the most compelling way to inspire enduring change.

You can catch her summering at her cottage and skiing in the winter with her husband and three children. She continues to be a strong advocate for mental health, something she is very passionate about.

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