Dr. Joanna Martin

Founder & CEO supporting over 70,000 grassroots women leaders to greater impact without burnout

Dr Joanna Martin is Founder & CEO of One of Many, the leading women’s leadership and coaching organisation, and has supported over 70,000 grassroots women leaders, to greater impact without burnout.

An award winning CEO and entrepreneur, Jo has launched and grown three successful businesses, two of which have grown beyond a million pounds in revenue, with healthy profits.

Jo’s exceptional reputation as a speaker rests on her ability to energise, engage and inspire audiences to take action.

A qualified medical doctor, trained actor, coach and entrepreneur, Jo blends cutting-edge research with powerful storytelling to bring fresh insight to the challenges and opportunities women face in the current global climate.

Delivered in her inimitable down-to-earth style, Jo’s experience with thousands of women leaders sheds new light on current understanding of what makes our minds and bodies tick.

She translates the latest data into practical tools and strategies, creating unforgettable experiences for professional audiences.

Jo is happy to collaborate with event coordinators to make sure her talks are relevant and engaging to your audience.

Below are some of her signature topics.

Impact and influence:
- What sets true influencers apart from merely “competent” leaders
- The unique challenges facing today’s influential women leaders, and how to overcome them without working harder
- The secret to maximising your impact without burning out

The myth of Superwoman:
- Why Superwoman is the archetype of our time – and how to recognise her
- The 3 disempowering patterns that hold women leaders back
- The 5 Women’s PowerTypes and how to use them in your leadership

Energy and Effectiveness for busy women:
- The one mistake most women make in the name of “Time-management”
- How to set unshakeable boundaries without feeling guilty
- The secret to managing overwhelm and having maximum impact

Jo is also a highly sought after business consultant. She is widely recognized in the UK and Australia as the secret weapon advisor behind the success of hundreds of changemakers and entrepreneurial leaders.

Indeed her private client list reads like a who’s who of speakers, coaches and consultants around the world.

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