Michelle Huntington

Inspiring inclusion through curiosity, reframing adversity, and unlocking superpowers

Join a transformative experience with Michelle Huntington, a former Airline Captain turned Leadership Expert.

With a unique blend of aviation wisdom and leadership insights, she inspires inclusion by fostering curiosity and reframing adversity into superpowers.

Through captivating storytelling of tales from the air, entertaining audience participation and actionable strategies, she empowers audiences to embrace their potential, believe in their worth, and contribute meaningfully.

Elevate your International Women's Day event with a speaker who not only shares inspiring tales but also leaves a lasting impact, driving positive change in your audience.

Key topics include:
- Inclusive Leadership: Unleashing the power of diverse perspectives.
- Curiosity as a Catalyst: Nurturing a culture of continuous learning.
- Adversity as Superpower: Transforming challenges into strengths.
- Empowering Women: Practical strategies for personal and professional growth.

Michelle is based in Sydney, however loves to travel.

Book Michelle for a captivating and empowering International Women's Day celebration that will resonate long after the event.

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